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Day 1: 04/06: 2-5 pm. Associate Mission Building, 169 Yuanmingyuan Road, 1st Floor

Shanghai Studies Symposium, Rockbund Art Museum, NYU Shanghai present

All Tomorrow’s Parties: Summoning Creativity in Shanghai

A Series of Conversations: Initiated by Francesca Tarocco and Anna Greenspan

Episode Six

Hacked Matter: Shanzhai & Maker Culture

In conversation with David Li , Tom Igoe, Amanda Williams, Wu Hao &  Ricky Ye

Moderated by Anna Greenspan (NYU Shanghai) & Silvia Lindtner (University of California, Irvine & Fudan University, Shanghai)

“…the street finds its own uses for things”    -William Gibson

This event probes the connections between the informal networks of shanzhai production and the open innovations of DIY (do it yourself) Maker culture in order to explore the fertile zones of creativity emerging between the dense commercial webs of cheap ‘copycat’ electronics, and the back-room tinkerers playing with the latest developments in open source hardware.

David Li is the founder of XinCheJian, the first hackerspace in China. He will talk about the experience of running a hackerspace in the country that is factory to the world.

Tom Igoe is an Associate Arts Professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), as well as the co-founder of Arduino, an open source microcontroller environment built for non-technicians. He will present some of the work done at New York University’s ITP, and discuss how it has influenced his work developing the physical computing curriculum there, as well as his work with Arduino and the maker movement.

Amanda Williams is the co-founder of Fabule Fabrications. She will discuss her experience in the HAXLR8R hardware-based startup accelerator, currently in progress in Shenzhen, and the process of transitioning from a craft-based practice to a manufacturing business.

Ricky Ye is the Co-founder of DFRobot, and the founder of RoboticFan blog. He will discuss how open-source hardware has affected the robotics industry, as well as the opportunities brought about by shanzhai.

Wu Hao is the co-founder of Claremont Investment Consultant (WuXi), Co.,Ltd. His interest in hardware innovation stems from his work with Intel’s Consumer Electronic Group and C2TECH (a small ODM).  He will present a case study of C2TECH’s customized smart device, and discuss how to deliver a quick prototype by leveraging the recent developments of shanzhai.


Day 2: 04/07

10am – noon: David Li leads a tour through Huaqiangbei markets

noon – 1:30pm: lunch

2:30 – 4:30pm: panel at Chaihuo, the Shenzhen hackerspace with  Eric Pan from SeeedStudio, Zach Hoeken Smith from HAXLR8R, Gao Lei from IMLab.

7pm – Show & Tell with Tom Igoe, Chaihuo makers and HAXLR8R start-ups

Day 3: 04/08

9:00am: – noon visit Seeed, tour by Eric Pan, followed by Q&A

noon – 2:30pm: lunch & end of workshop

Workshop Participants: Denisa Kera, Tom Igoe, Suzane Livinstone, Luke Stark,  Juerg Neuschwander, Paul Gazillo, Davide Gomba, Alice Tagliabue, Bruno Nadeau, Amanda Williams, Silvia Lindtner, David Li, Anna Greenspan